Maximizing your home comfort and mobility

Lift and Slings

Mechanical lifts are devices used to assist with transfers and movement of people who require support for mobility beyond the physical support provided by family and caregivers alone. These products include floor lifts, sit-stand lifts, and ceiling track lift systems. Some products are funded by provincial agencies. Call us for a consult. We can take a look at the places where care support is needed and recommend the best product for your space and physical needs. Slings are used together with a lift to cradle a person so that they can be transferred safely and comfortably. Slings come in different shapes and sizes. We help our clients to make informed choices about slings by partnering with specialists like occupational or physiotherapists.

Beds and Mattresses

Toileting and Bathing

When help is needed to shower, bath or go to the bathroom there are lots of products to help you do this safety and comfortably. From a little support to fully supportive bathing and shower equipment that can tilt and/or recline we can help choose a product that will fit in your home and will make life easier for caregivers and clients alike. We can come to you home for a consult to ensure that the product you are interested in will fit the space you have. We often work closely with our community healthcare providers to support you in your decision making about the right product for you and your loved ones.

Manual Wheelchairs

The wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to promote mobility and enhance quality of life for people who have difficulties in walking. Using a wheelchair to get around opens up opportunities for wheelchair users to study, work, socialize and access the community including getting to appointments. We can help with assessments for wheelchairs, cushions, backrests and wheelchair accessories for provincially funded equipment or for private purchase. Let us help you make a choice that is safe and comfortable and that makes getting on move enjoyable.

Walkers and Canes

Maintaining safe, independent waking is important to your health as well as your quality of life. There are many ambulation support products available. Whether your walks are long or short there is something here for you. We can come to you or you can come to us at the shop to try out walking aids. We are happy to work with you directly or in partnership with community healthcare providers.

Power Mobility

For youth transitioning to adulthood with existing power mobility needs or for adults who find that powered mobility is what they need, we have a range of powerchairs that can be funded through the provincial funding agency or can be purchased privately. As well as getting you where you need to go for school, leisure, work or recreation, power mobility also has options for powered positioning. This means that you can be independent for position changes into recline, tilt, elevation and standing. In consultation with clients, caregivers and healthcare providers our team of reps and support staff will explore your options with you and ensure that you have the right product for your powered needs and lifestyle.


As older people start to have difficulty walking many choose to use a mobility scooter to help them move around. With improved designs, mobility scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mobility device and are a common sight on many streets. For an older adult with difficultly maintaining their previous levels of walking, using a mobility scooter allows them to continue to participate in errands, social activities and outdoor recreation. Use of a scooter can allow users to participate for longer and maintain an active independent lifestyle.


Once you have your wheelchair you will likely need a cushion and a back support. Possibly some other positioning supports too. Depending on your abilities, comfort and postural needs you may need to have an assessment by a seating therapist who specializes in adult seating.

Our experienced and knowledgeable reps work closely with adult seating clinics to assess and fit the most appropriate seating and accessories to promote good posture, safety and comfort. Many of these items are funded by the Alberta Aids to daily program (AADL) and your therapist, along with our office staff, will guide you through the funding process. If you know what you need and just want to buy a product, our reps at the office can also assist you to find products to meet your needs. Call or come in we are here to help.