Maximizing mobility, function, inclusion, comfort and safety for big and little kids

Beds and Mattresses

As your child grows bigger their sleeping needs can change either because we need to work harder to keep them safe or that caregiving needs increase and support surfaces need to address how we take care of our bodies.

Finding the right bed for your special needs child can be a challenge. However over time the options for safe and comfortable special needs beds have increased. Looks can also be important and many parents want beds that look like furniture rather than medical equipment. With options for hi Low bases, padded sides, enclosed spaces and maneuverability we can guide you through the process of making a decision that is right for you, your child and your family.

For those children that are at high risk for a pressure sore mattress overlay can be used to enhance an existing mattress so that the surface has better pressure reliving qualities. There is a variety of overlays on the market. The provincial funding program also helps families with the cost. We would happy to do a consult in your home and most often work closely with home based healthcare providers to help families make the right choice for their child’s comfort and safety.

Cribs and Youth Beds

Lifts and slings

Safe and frequent lifting and transferring becomes more challenging as our children get bigger. Choosing a lift system is about protecting your body and preventing your child from being injured. Space is often a consideration when choosing a lift system. There are several types of lift available as well as the slings that are used with them. We can come out to your home for a visit. We often do this with a community healthcare provider.

Toileting and Bathing

Bathing and toileting activities can be challenging for children with disabilities and being comfortable and safe is important to parents and to children. There are supportive equipment options for bathtubs and showers depending on the space you have. We have products at our shop but a home visit is best so that we can see what product will fit you space the best. Our consults are often done alongside our community specialist partners such as Occupational and physiotherapists. The provincial funding agency supports families with many of the recommended bathing and toileting options.

Feeder Seats and Floor Sitters

Good positioning for feeding, play and social activities is important. We work with therapist, families and school teams to find the right positioning product for your child.

Car Seats

As your child grows it might become more difficult to find typical commercially available car seats in the sizes that you need or with the ideal amount of support for positioning and safety. Car seats are not funded by the provincial funding agency; however, we can meet with you to discuss your car seat needs and guide you to a decision that works for you and your child.

Standing Frames

The social, physical and physiological benefits of standing are well documented. Whether for use at home or at school we can work with family’s, caregivers and school or clinic therapists to find the right stander for your child.

Mobile standers

Engaging with peer’s face to face is so much more rewarding for individuals with special needs when they can interact in an upright and mobile position. Mobile standers make this easy, even when your child has no weight-bearing ability. Promoting independence and the opportunity for supported standing mobile stander also help strengthen core muscles and create freedom for the upper body.

With large removable wheels mobile standers clients can self-propel in a standing position – free to explore their surroundings alongside peers, siblings and playmates. With the large wheels removed mobile standers can easily rolls up to a table or a counter so that clients can participate in crafts, baking and other fun activities.


Support for comfort and alignment when walking is important. There are many walkers available to suit a variety of needs, abilities and sizes. Together with your therapy team we can help you try out and find a walker that it is right for you.

Manual wheelchairs

Whether your child is a part time or full-time wheelchair user or whether they will need help or can self-propel, there is a great chair available for you. Wheelchairs are available for private purchase or can be assessed and fitted in collaboration with a specialist therapy team. Our reps regularly work with clinic based therapy teams and support our clients to obtain their equipment through the Alberta Aids to Daily Living program.

Power wheelchairs