Leisure and Sport

Maximizing your recreation and leisure

Whether it is access to community recreation, a trip to the park or high level sport, getting out and having fun is important. The wheeled mobility industry offers so many ways to get you outdoors and participating safely. Come in for a consultation and tells what you want to get involved in.

Power Assist

When you want to go further or a bit faster it might be good to have some help. Power assist devices can be used with your manual wheelchair to assist you with mobility and are used for a variety of reasons. Energy conservation, muscle weakness, joint and muscle conservation due overuse injury, or independent travel and leisure. There are several types of power assist to choose from depending on your abilities, needs and budget. Hub mounted devices put power into your rear wheel. Rear mounted devices can either transmit power through the axel or directly onto the tires. Front mounted devices pull your along with you in control. With the exception of hub mounted device these add-ons are removeable a leave you with full access your manual wheelchair for regular daily use. Call or come in for a consult.

Sport Wheelchairs

Made of ultra light weight, specialized materials sports wheelchairs have come a long way. Each sport has its own highly developed designs and performance requirements. The perfect fit and set-up is important to your performance and enjoyment. We’re on your team. Come in and talk to us about your sport equipment needs.

Winter Sports and Activities

Embrace the white stuff, after all, it can be with us for 6 months of the year. Ski attachments for strollers or wheelchairs can make getting around a little easier and a little more fun. Try a special needs sled and get out on the slopes with friends and siblings! Call or come in to see how we can add you to the fun.


There are endless possibilities to the things we can add into and onto our mobility equipment to make our lives a little easier or a little more independent. If you have need of an accessory call or come in and we can help you find what you need.

Wheelchair related accessories

Take a look at the Sunrise Medical website for ideas.

Everyday accessories

Cell phones, cup holders, computers you name it you need to be able to attach it to your mobility equipment or your car. Ram Mounts have a solution for most of these challenges. Call our neighboring business  GPS City or check out products on their website: RAM Mount (gpscity.ca)

Tire and caster covers